How much does a TIME trip cost?

$775 per person, ages 12 and up
$560 ages 9-11
$470 ages 6-8
$100 5 or less

Do you purchase airfare?

No.  Airfare to and from our locations are the responsibility of your team.  However, we can give recommendations of the airlines that serve our locations.

What does the time fee include?

Virtually everything from the moment we pick you up at the airport to the moment we take you back! Transportation, housing, food, translators, medical insurance, recreational activities. Construction project costs are extra.

How much cash should i bring?

This is up to each individual.  On average, individuals will exchange from$40-$60 for souviniers, snacks, etc. Some stores accept US dollars and/or credit cards, others only Dominican pesos. However, you may exchange more if you plan to tithe during church visits, or give a blessing to pastors, missionaries, volunteers, etc.

Do you offer exchange services?

Yes, early in your trip we will offer exchange services.  In addition, you may exchange US dollars for Dominican Pesos at the airport. Unfortunately, we cannot exchange individual pesos back to US dollars.  That can be done at the airport or some US banks.

Are project fees included?

No, project fees are separate from the individual TIME Fee.