Summer Internship

Connecting you to local churches where God is working.


Summer interns are leaders who want to serve God in a summer missions ministry experience. They must have received Christ as their Savior, been out of high school for one year, and have had ministry leadership experience.  In rare cases we allow someone younger.  They help our resident missionaries by leading 8-day short-term mission groups in the spiritual and physical aspects of our ministry. They are responsible for small groups of short-TIMErs while working with and being accountable to full-time missionaries. They should also be prepared to lead devotions and drive mission vehicles (if needed). Although they do at times assist with ministries in the local church and to nationals, their primary ministry is to help and minister to the incoming teams, not the nationals.  Also please note, this is a leadership position and as such is very different from previous trips you may have taken with us.


November 1
Application process is open for the summer

April 30
Closing date for applications

February 1*
Send out support/prayer letters

Develop your support team and raise support

April 15
Total required fees due $2,800

May 15
Transportation funds must be raised & plane ticket purchased

June 17-13*
Orientation (exact dates vary with year)

June 9-August 12*
Six 9-day tours-Summer groups schedule (exact dates vary with year)

August 13-15*
End of celebration/debriefing (exact dates vary with year)

September 10
Final honorarium funds are released

* Required

Areas of Service:
Monterrey, Mexico
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Matters of financial importance
As TIME is not denominationally related or funded through any endowments, all missionaries and the mission itself are supported solely through the gifts of individuals and churches. The Summer Intern will function as a missionary in this regard. He or she should have a support team to whom he or she is accountable for the service performed.

There is a $25 application fee due at the time the Summer Internship application is submitted.* All Summer Interns must raise a minimum of $2800 for their two and half months on the field including airfare.  $2800 goes to TIME for food and lodging,mission related expenses, administrative costs (e.g., receipting your donations so your donors can get a tax deduction) and travel insurance.  You are also encouraged to raise an additional$300-$1000 as an emergency fund (for emergency, medical and/or transportation needs). Money left in this account at the end of the summer is returned to the Summer Intern by September 10, as a taxable honorarium.  (We have found a total of ~$3800 raised would cover all the above)* Regarding transportation, your travel dates will be forwarded to you no later the May 15th for scheduling purposes..