Bill Gilbert

"The TM team made me feel welcome and their focus on doing God's work helped me sharpen my focus on God. The work that we did in the community was spiritually rewarding and I shall never forget."

Leyton Jackson

"Spending time with the kids at VBS reminided me how God can use us to change lives."

Paul Harper

"I love the joy that I see in everyone's heart and the organization that you all have. Please keep up God's work!"

Sarah Kotlarczyk

"I loved worshipping with other believers in multiple languages at once."

Steve Howard

"It was an unexpected pleasure to team with TIME who made construction as easy as possible for beginner builders. The leadership of the missionaries and the interns was educational, inclusive, and gentle. The facility and food were excellent!"

Haoming Zhang

"Over this busy but happy week I realized how much I can do in my daily life to show our God to people around me. I also find how wonderful it is to live with friends in a community and how much we need each other."