Rachel Netz

"This week, God showed me how to surrender fear. My team supported me during this time and showed me that God is with me no matter what and I have nothing to fear. I had an incredible experience when I let go of fear, and I am sad to leave."

Brookelyn Gilmore

"This place has led my heart to becoming a full-time missionary! I want to pursue medical missonary trips once I am out of college and that idea has all started here. I am so thankful for what you guys are doing here!"

Kelly Rombou

"I know many seeds have been planted this week. I wish I could see them grow, but I know that is in God’s timing. This experience is something you can’t do only once. We need to keep going and following God’s plan."

Noah Kapishchke

“Sometimes I comfort myself by saying “I will serve God more when I become a missionary.” But that’s the wrong way of thinking. I need to focus on God’s will today and let Him lead me day to day, as Dorretta talked about.”

Jill Gauby

"This trip has allowed my son to see my faith in 3 days of spending time together. I pray it plants some seeds & for me to show it even more at home and not get caught up in the day to day challenges that can be a distraction"

Michael Swanick

”We come to serve but receive much more in return. All TIME staff selflessly serve us with great detail as if serving the Lord! We are humbly reminded that God is working through us. I love coming here to serve with my church family!"