2 Timothy 2:1-26


TIME Ministries’ purpose is built around Luke 17.


In Luke 17, Jesus challenges his disciples to be a people who know God and be a people who are known for knowing God. This is OUR mission! To do this in our own lives and help you to do the same.


The world is around us, everywhere around us,whether it be our neighbors on our block or someone across the world. The world is in demand of the Good News, and we have been asked to supply the world with the Good News of Jesus in the name of Jesus Christ. We are the supply chain or the delivery system that God uses.

Supply chain.


Jesus's challenge to us to meet the supply and demand is pointed out in Luke 17.


That is why you are going on this mission’strip. We (Christians) can take part in this great economy where the exchange and/or currency for the economy are relationships. The investment of our time and resources is centered around knowing God's Word.  The reward is the so-called profit-eternity with God, for you and for others.


*A good follower of Jesus understands the Jesus challenge and gives his/hers best in every moment an opportunity to invest in relationships.


Your opportunity by taking a Mission trip is to KNOW GOD BETTER and by going be KNOWN FOR KNOWING GOD.


*The demand is great in God's economy for good news and we have an unlimited potential of good news to supply.


In 2 Timothy, Paul gives us 7 pictures of what a good Christian looks like and what activities we should invest in, how we should act in sharing the Good News for the world and their need of love that only God can supply.


Each week for the next 7 weeks if you invest in this outline and understand the pictures that Paul paints, you will be on your way to seeing a high yield or good return on your investment in your mission’strip whether local or abroad.


Being a Christ follower, this qualifies you!You can BE the awesome pictures in Timothy. Then by going on your missions’trip in your neighborhood or around the world you will receive the understanding, wisdom and revelation needed to do the work that leads you to being smart and effective in your life in Christ.



11 Tim 2:1-26


Picture 1: A Steward


The strength of any ministry is the people who are involved in its purposes. Remember investing in a relationship with God and with others is the currency or exchange in Heaven. God’s grace has already been given to us, so we must supply that grace to others by sharing that same grace provided to our world, through Jesus.


The Mission is ministry. Protecting your participation in the supply chain of God’s grace to those in need of the delivery system is important. By being a good steward of the ministry to God we can build the two most important relationships for life: Your relationship with God and your relationship with others centered around helping them with their relationship with GOD.


Your potential in God is; helping others with their potential with God.


So, we are stewards of this grace. We must invest in the language that God uses to communicate that grace. This calls for an investment in God's Word.


Think of God’s Word, like your phone. You have all the functions of the phone at your hand, but you must have a relationship with the phone to use it. After you turn the phone on, you must, pick it up and use it!


Activity: II Tim 2: Break it down.


Learn the basic of the “how to” for the study of God’s words

1. Read it at least twice in one setting.
2. Circle the patterns of words and phrases (something is important)
3. Find out whom is the letter was sent to.
4. What issues were confronting the writer?
5. Why did the writer find it necessary to write the letter?
6. What was culture like and what were the problems of the day?
7. Find out what others say about it by reading a commentary?

8. Match the verses from 2 Tim 2, to the 7 pictures.


·       Learn Gods Word

·       Store Gods word in your heart by knowing and memorizing it

·       Teach Gods word. Take the opportunity to teach what you learn or just share what youlearn with others.


This is language you need to know. This delivers the grace needed to start the two important relationships in life.

·       Your relationship with others.

·       Your relationship with God.


Picture 2: A Soldier


A Soldier-

·       Endures hardship

·       Avoids Worldly entanglement

·       Magnifies Jesus Christ

·       Thinks of the whole army

·       Trust,the commanding officer



Picture 3: An Athlete

An athlete:

Runs the race! Obeys the rules! Is a good citizen! Has good reputation!


Picture 4: A Farmer: Has a work


The farmers job is-

·       Plowing

·       Sowing

·       Watering

·       Harvesting

·       The increase is determined by God, but the farmer must work

·       Mus be patient

·       Deserves a share to the harvest


Picture 5: A Workman: A good workman uses the words of God to:
Measure him or herself, and they work and repair anything that is broken.

A worker-

Builds strength with reliance on Gods every word.

An approved worker does

Work diligently

Shuns Godless chatter

Knows false speaking about God

Picture 6: A Vessel
Has honored tools or utensils that are


A Vessel is:

·       Empty

·       Clean

·       Available


Picture 7: A Servant: is to not to win arguments, but to save souls.


·       Deliver themselves out of the snare of the devil who wants to free them from being captive to do Gods will.

·       Participant in prayers for the leaders

·       Officiate the work to free up pastors to work.

·       Provide money.