The Goodness of God


Christ walked with men on earth that He might show them what God is like and make

known the true nature of God to a race that had wrong ideas about Him. This was only

one of the things He did while here in the flesh, but this He did with beautiful

perfection.From Him we learn how God acts toward people. The hypocritical, the

basically insincere, will find Him cold and aloof, as they once found Jesus; but the

repentant will find Him merciful; the self-condemned will find Him generous and kind.

To the frightened He is friendly, to the poor in spirit He is forgiving, to the ignorant,

considerate;to the weak, gentle; to the stranger, hospitable.


Direction.We are all going somewhere. But where are we going?  Why, are we going? These are the harder question about life.  

Google maps is a guidance app. Google can take an address of where you want to go and will give you different routes to take you to the same place. One route may take longer then another, and maybe the other road or route is smoother with less detours and construction.

I have also received many directions from folks on how to get somewhere from someone who thought they could give good direction.  

I think the goodness of God is just like a good road. A good road leads us where we need to be, not where we want to be.  A good road maybe filled with potholes and construction, but it is still the best road because it is regulated by God.

This good road referred to in the Bible is Jesus. He says I am the way, the truth and the life. This road, this Jesus, always has our best intention in mind. He always knows what lies ahead. Always wants us to rest and not worry about the directions to where he needs us to arrive safely.  

At times in the Bible the goodness of God is described as: following, or is referred as a road, path or highway. It seems that God has somewhere for us to go and his has a certain path for us to follow. This good road (Jesus) takes into consideration, you.  The road is kind if we are willing to follow, this road is friendly, forgiving, considerate and gentle if we will only follow.    



God’s Sacred Highway

A good road will be there,and it will be named
    “God’s Sacred Highway.”
It will be for God’s people;
no one unfit to worship God
    will walk on that road.
And no fools can travel
    on that highway.
No lions or other wild animals
    will come near that road;
only those the Lord has saved
    will travel there.

The people the Lord has rescued
will come back singing
    as they enter Zion.
Happiness will be a crown
    they will always wear.
They will celebrate and shout
because all sorrows and worries
 will be gone far away.