The Faithfulness of God


Upon God’s faithfulness rests our whole hope of future blessings. Only as He is

Faithful,will His vows stand, and His promises be honored. Only as we have

complete assurance that He is faithful may we live in peace and look forward with

assurance to the life to come.


Her mother was so afraid of water, she had never learned to swim, never been in the water for recreation, would never get into a boat. I think she was even reluctant to take a bath. Her fear of water was so bad, that she passed that fear onto me.  As a young girl I was so fearful(although unfounded) of water.  

When I turned 6, my Dad insisted that I learn to swim. Now, because of my Mom the only water fun that I was able to deal with was the lawn sprinkler, water balloons and water pistols. No immersion for me. But, Dad insisted and so did the public school system. So, that summer I was enrolled on swim class at local High School.    

The day arrived I had to go take my swim lessons. Of course, my Mom was taking me, and she had only words of encouragement as I very well knew I had her contagious fear of water.  We arrived, signed in (they had to verify I took the class) and started. It started out on the pool deck learning the motions of swimming. I thought this is easy and safe, all the time the DEEP END was lurking. We would get into the shallow end of the pool and walk around, use the foam things to float. The instructors insured me that the WATER WAS OUR FRIEND. They taught us how to float on top the water. This too scared me, but I kept being reassured that its safe.

The non-deep-water exercises lasted for three days. But, the last day and most important day, that fourth day was the deep-water swim test. This was the fear factor.

So, that day arrived. It was a Friday and I was gripped by fear. I got there, we got in the shallow and reviewed the lessons from Tuesday-Thursday. Then the whistle blew.It was time. We marched down the pool deck to certain embarrassment for me and probable death by swallowing large amounts of pool water. We lined up. I was good at allowing other to go before me, avoiding the plunge of death.  

Thee exercise: jump off the side of the low board and somehow swim back the side.  I was getting away with it and thought this is going to work. The next thing I knew, Boom!  I was spotted. The instructor saw me going to the back of line and walked over to me and asked what the matter. I told her I was scared. She told me, don’t be afraid you will do just fine and beside we are right here in case you have a problem. My Mom spotted me wimping out and quickly looked away. I said are you in the pool with me? No, she said you must do this by yourself.  She then said, you can count on me I promise you will be fine I won’t let anything happen to you.

Well she was right. My faith in her was rewarded by not dying. I jumped and frantically swam back to the side.  My arms and legs were spinning so fast I must have looked ridiculous, like whirling helicopter out of control. I, don’t think I got wet.  

But it was over. Her promise was real. Her promise gave me courage to trust her. I don’t particularly like the water. However, the instructor put her faith in me and that was enough to make. Jesus is faithful because he sees that you are worth it. It’s a big deal that God shares his faith to you, by putting his faith in you.      


Q’s What fear keeps you from trusting the unseen God? Fear of your future, your past. What is it?  


Q’s What are some promises that you know are from God?


Do’s Take one day and count all the ways God is faithful to you and your family.