Founders Days 2022


Well, here we are again. Another year of TIME Missions doing what it does best. Helping the local church in America and abroad spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. 2022 is proving to be a breakout year for TIME.  God has blessed us and brought us through some difficult waters, and now the ship is moving again and we are seeing American churches visit our fields, so once again giving short term missions an opportunity to thrive.

The beginning of June always brings Founders Days. This year is no different. Founders' day is the kickoff of the summer trips when all our American church partners begin to tour the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Haiti. Founders Days is also the time when the Home Office kicks off its campaign to get the general fund supported. This year's campaign is called “In the Beginning”. June 1st through the 3rd we will celebrate TIME Missions, how it began and how it got established in the hearts of so many different people. Since 1968, God has supplied in some many ways to keep TIME moving forward.  This year we expect nothing different. We don’t know what will happen, we just trust God.

During founders' day you will hear testimony after testimony of how all of us here at TIME got started in short term missions. Founders Days is a way for us to celebrate all that God has done through TIME Missions. Founders Days is way for us to emphasize the importance of the Home Office for the ministry. The Home Office is so intricate to what we do here at TIME. It supports all the ministries we do.  Here at the Home Office everything we do is involved with helping the mission and our missionaries thrive on the field.

Since 1968 the Home Office has completely relied upon a percentage of your trip fees to keep the office open and the nonprofit running according to the bylaws established.  One of the things we feel burdened to do here at the Home Office to become self-reliant, to get the Home Office self-supported, so that when you go on a tour, when you pay your fee, our target is that most of that money would go to the field. This would allow for the visions and the ministry that is on the ground in Mexico and the Dominican Republic to overflow in an even greater way. Our target, to help facilitate ministry from the Home Office at the least cost to the field.

That's why we need your help and your support. Would you prayerfully consider giving more support to the Home Office. Those of you who give now to the Home Office, thank you. Those you who give to projects and missionaries, Thank you. Would all of you please consider and pray about pledging and giving more to the Home Office. We set our budget here at the Home Office on 180 people touring in 2022.  We will exceed that tour number and stay within the budget established at 180 here at the Home Office.    

In the beginning Doretta and Zeral only took out enough money to eat and live from the support they received through TIME. Here at the Home Office, we have that same desire. We want to minimize our cut from the tour fees to keep the Home Office open. Would you please consider helping? Your donation can make Vacation Bible School better, sports ministry more effective, women's ministry more reaching and help to establish and grow the local church in Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba.

In the beginning I took a mission's trip to Mexico, and I fell in love with the idea and philosophy of TIME Missions. I know you have your beginning moment. Because of your beginning, TIME Missions has thrived since 1968. Please consider helping, thank you for reading this letter.

Pray for us this summer. The opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ are tremendous. God is up to wonderful things.

Let's do this work together.  Click here to give a one-time or ongoing gift.  

Rick Lee. TIME Missions