Haley is a summer intern with us at our site in Monterrey, Mexico.  This is her description of her first week of her short term mission adventure with TIME.  Thanks to all our interns for serving the Lord with gladness as we seek to strengthen and increase His Kingdom.

English speakers, don’t worry! I promise that the only thing in this blog post written in Spanish is the title and the names of the places we went.

I truly cannot believe that I have already been here for a week. It seems like time is flying by and God is doing so much so quickly. This week I had the opportunity to be involved in some really cool things and experience some really awesome places.

On Wednesday night I went with Sam, Jess, and Kike to help with their church’s shower truck ministry, Regarderas de agua viva (Showers of living water). This outreach allows homeless men and women in Monterrey shower, get clean clothes, haircuts, and food. I witnessed over 180 plates of food be given away, 40 people given the opportunity to shower, 27 haircuts be given, and the gospel be shared to hundreds of people. Although I was exhausted from traveling and still getting used to the time change, I was blessed beyond measure to meet some of the men and women from Nuevo Pacto (Sam and Jess’ church) with hearts bigger than you can imagine.

On Friday night Sam, Kike and I were given the opportunity to attend and present at a ministry expo for a youth group at Kike’s friend’s church. We were able to share in worship with young men and women from the community, and we shared the vision and mission of TIME with dozens of youth who were so joyful and on fire for the Lord.

Saturday was a really fun day and Sam, Jess, Kike, Grace, Mia, and I went to Parque Fundidora. When I say this park is HUGE, I mean it is ginormous. We only walked some of it, but it was fascinating to see the former steel foundry and experience the incredible scenery with wonderful friends. I was able to learn more about the culture that I am living in for the next seven weeks which helped me better understand and appreciate what God is doing here.

On Sunday I attended Nuevo Pacto with Sam, Jess, Kike, and the girls. They translated the service into English for myself and the various other groups visiting and working with other ministries. The pastor gave a beautiful sermon about fathers, but He also took the time to give a call to the Church (yes, capital “C” Church). He encouraged us to do our part in influencing and shaping the next generation. He talked about how God is chasing us and He is working in us to affect our communities.

It was so powerful to hear men, women, and children worship God in their native tongue. I did my best to sing along with them during the music portion of the service, but for some I was able to just be silent and listen to others connect to their God. I was awestruck to witness people worship the King in such a unique way.

On Monday, I went to the junior high school with Sam and Kike and invited students to our English summer camp that is coming up in a couple of weeks. I was blown away by the kids and their eagerness to learn. I invited them in English and they translated it to Spanish for me! As a TESOL minor, this experience in particular was a gentle nudge from God that what I am doing in Mexico matters to these people and to me.

Yesterday Sam, Jess, Kike, Mia, and I went to a mercadito, a flea market. I was able to witness another aspect of culture and learn more about the popularity of such markets in Monterrey. After we came back and had lunch (Chinese food!), Kike and I went to the TIME center where Arturo met us to help continue working to clean and prepare for the group’s arrival in a couple weeks.

In the evening we had about eight people from the church come over for cell group. We spent time in the Word discussing Jesus’ encounters with people. This week we focused on Nicodemus and the idea of being born again. After the Bible study we shared a meal together and enjoyed one another’s company.

I thank you all for your prayers and continued support and I continue to follow God’s nudging in my work down here! I miss my family and friends dearly, but (as you can see from the picture) this city is beautiful! Hence why it’s know as the city of the the mountains.



Prayer Requests:

  • That I continue through the next seven weeks in prayerful recognition of God’s presence and His purpose for me
  • Energy and strength for myself and the rest of the team through the heat and the business of the next couple of weeks
  • Peace and patience in the struggles of the language barrier
  • Health for the team as some of us have been feeling a little less the great