Less is More 

The phrase “less is more” can be confusing at times and sometimes the application of this phrase in a conversation isn't appropriate or right. However, there are some situations where less is more, is completely what the situation needs. 

Let's say music.  I have been playing bass guitar for almost 50 years.  One the simpler genre of music is Country and Western. Yes, both Country and Western. 3 chords and the truth.   I have found the best note on the scale, is the rest note. So here you have ‘less is more’ and for me the simpler the music probably the better. The same for people in sales, you have heard of the phrase “keep it simple” here is the principle of “less is more.” Then comes the use of phrase “less is more” when it comes to furnishing your house. I am on the lessor side, but my wife is on the more is better side. It's her house so more is better, but I'm still a less is more kind of a guy  

So why babble on about “Less is More ". Because I believe this in one of the most important principles in the Gods word. When we read the book of Matthew the writer references “The Kingdom of Heaven” as opposed to the three other Gospel writers refer to “The Kingdom of God”.  Have you read Matthew?  If you do, you'll see these references multiple times. The Kingdom of God referring to: from “eternity past to eternity future” which is different from Matthew as he is referring to a time frame of the Kingdom Jesus brought that was announce by John the Baptist.  

So, can we bear down and read Matthew 5: the happy are those messages of Jesus Christ. This refers to how the Kingdom will operate and the rules of the Kingdom. When I read Matthew 5 I kind of see it as a constitution of the Kingdom of heavens. Sort of a transition from the law being the rule, to faith being the rule. And when you really focus on Matthew 5 verse 3 you come up with this phrase blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the Kingdom of the heavens.  So, let's just look a little bit deeper. 

I believe the little S in spirit gives great clarity in my reference to “less is more”.  The poor in spirit here refers not only to be humble but to also be emptied out of our own spirit, not holding onto any of the old, including the law but embracing the new the things of the new Kingdom, mainly faith. We are poor in spirit when we unload of ourselves of ourselves, that being the less.  Then as our spirit becomes less, we are filled up with the mysteries of God, that is God in us!  I think this implies at the Kingdom of the heavens is spiritual in nature.   

So, let's ask God what this means to us. What are the implications on our daily lives. I'm not presenting a way to feel guilty about who we are and what we do. I'm presenting the constitution of more of God and less of me is “less is more.” As I'm able to empty myself, I can be filled up with the things of God. Spiritual thing! 

I believe God does more with less, than we could ever imagine. He does it all the time, thank God. However, just imagine what God could do if we gave him room to do more.  

This is our ask here at TIME Ministries. We need more people to go on short term mission trips. We need more people to support the financial needs of the Home Office. We need more people to pray, more Kingdom come, thy will be done. Would you consider letting more of God into your life. And possibly in all of that rearranging of your thoughts in your life, you could find it within your heart to go on a mission trip with TIME or support one of our many missionaries and support the Home Office with a monthly gift or year-end donation.  The return-on-investment of your “Less is More”, is eternal.    

Just imagine what God has done over the past 2 year with less and now imagine what he could do with more.