As followers of Jesus there are some things we are commanded to do.  In my case I am commanded to communicate the options that are understood  in The Great Commission to give and or go.  

My, my, my how things have changed. I am now approaching 62 years old and the options I have for home entertainment, are rich.  In the 1960s and 70s we had like four channels, some of you remember the four-channel thing, NO REMOTE. Later in the late 70’s, I moved out of my parents' house after high school graduation to experience Florida. In Florida was a thing called cable TV. That was cool: more options to choose from and watch what I liked.  Then along came satellite TV, even more options: lots of sports.! Now we have live stream TV, and the options are endless. I can find my genre of entertainment to watch on TV and find it easily enough, then binge watch, if I want.

Options is great when it comes to TV. However, there are some options that we have in life that are weightier.  The one that comes to mind right now is the possibilities of “where would you like to eat”. Whether in a crowd of friends or your family or just your spouse. A person can go round and round with all the options of where to eat. With my wife you never know where she truly wants to eat.  You give four or five options to your spouse; you suggest a place and she says that would be OK, although you kind of know from her response it's not OK. So, you go on to the next option on your mental list of restaurants.  You suggest another delicious destination, she gets excited about going there, but you're not so excited about her choice, and so on and so on...  What usually happens is, you end up going to the same old place you always go.  

I don't think life would be much fun if we didn't have options. Like I said, there can be too many things to choose from, however we still like to have choices.  Most of us must work, and even there, we have preferences but there's really no choice, we need to work. The most wonderful thing that we have in life is the power to choose. As followers of Jesus there are some things we are commanded to do.  In my case and what I'm trying to communicate with you is, the option commanded to us by “The Great Commission "to give and or go.  

Jesus has given all of us who believe in Him, the command “to go and make disciples”. For all of us that means we are commanded to either help those who want to go and or go ourselves. By supporting others with prayer and finances, you enable others to go. Your monthly financial gift or one time years end donation allows others to go and spread the love of Jesus to a lost world.  By your donation, both giving and going supports and fulfills “The Great Commision”.  

What we do here at TIME is important. We are connected to local churches in Haiti, The Dominican Republic, Mexico and Cuba. Your financial gift for the Home Office allows the day-to-day work and strategy for the future to continue.  Right now, the Home Office needs your support. Your monthly support keeps the missionaries paid, keeps Dorretta's vision alive and gives options for The Church in America to help the local church abroad.