Why We Must Think Rightly About God


Without doubt, the greatest thought the mind can entertain is the thought of God, and

the weightiest word in any language is its word for God.Thought and speech are God’s

gifts to creatures made in His image; these are intimately associated with Him and

impossible apart from Him. It is highly significant that the first word was the Word:

“And the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” We may speak because God

spoke. In Him word and idea are indivisible.



Way back in in the early 1970’s on a below zero January night when Jake was around 11, his Dad and he were at the Omaha Civic center in Nebraska protesting the wildly successful Rock Opera ‘Jesus Christ Superstar”.  Jake was so cold that night. He tells the story that he can still see his Dad’s  breath and steam coming from his head, wearing his felt cowboy hat, long over coat, no-gloves, with his face all red from the cold, talking to people as they walked-in and out of the event center. As people walked in, they would ask Dad, “why are you protesting”.  My Dad responded with love and kindness, “Because inside the event center you will hear wrong thinking and ideas about who Jesus is”.

During the 60’s and early 70’s in America there was a great social movement of rebellious youth.  Young people exploring freedom and finding Jesus. Many people found Jesus during this time and those who did find Him during these times, are now grandparents, leaders in your church or if your new to US culture or history they would be called Baby-Boomers. These Boomers were going to do things differently, better and more compassionately, so they could change the world.

That night in January as It got colder and colder, Jake would stomp his feet try to keep them warm, slap my hands together to try and stay warm. His Dad was going wait until all the people had left before they could leave. Jake didn’t complain. People would try and argue with Dad. He would return their questions with love and kindness, buy always with the same answer,“That’s not what the Bible says”. Dad would always quote the Bible and use the word of God to make clear what the Bible was saying about Jesus.

As the crowd dribbled out. It felt like it was taking forever to go home.  One guy, one guy Steve,was listening. Steve wanted to argue about this and that but the true words of God kept moving Steve to more questions than argument points. As Dad answered Steve back with the gospel. Steve began to soften. Steve accepted Jesus that night. Standing on the cold concrete outside the event center Steve prayed the prayer of salvation. Steve and my Dad became good friends and about 26 years later I went to work for Steve, selling electrical products in Iowa.

We must think rightly about God. This is our main purpose in life. To worship and live our lives compassionately for God, we must endeavor to seek and follow the Jesus of the Bible and not the god of our culture and our thinking. Following the real Jesus will ensure our lives will matter for all the right reasons.

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