So, in a certain country an army was to go to battle. A neighboring country had become hostile, and the battle was on the horizon. So, the generals convened to plan how to attach this well fortified city. After many briefings, the generals decided that this would be a tough battle. The city's is well-fortified and ready for anyone who wants to do battle. They adjourned only to meet again in five days. 

After five days the generals reconvened and began discussing options for going to war to defeat the people behind the walls and take over the city. After hours and hours of debate, one young man stood up and shared a plan that had no rationale. He explained there are fighter loyal to the cause, who never get to see battle, but who are eager to fight. These are brave men and women, but by the time they are done with their duties, the battle is usually over. This young man pointed back to “The band.” He said “send in the band” to do battle. 

This sounds crazy, sounds like lunacy at its best. But most of us are familiar with the battle of Jericho. Where Joshua's army were given the fight and the answer was to “send in the band.” For six days the marching and the horn playing of the band went on. On seventh day again the band played, and singers sang and shouted the victory, as the walls came down and city was taken. The story went out all over the land, that God was with Joshua.  

What an expert God we serve. To give the guy that plays the horn a chance at war. To allow the singers to be on the battlefront to use the entire army to fight this battle. The “send in the band” mentality comes from knowing a God who is a Redeemer of all things, an expert in every area of life and a savoir in a time of need. We need the entire army here at TIME. From the warriors who lead the fight to the warriors who play in the band.  

Here at TIME, we are relying on God to 

  • Redeem the time 
  • Be the expert in knowing our needs.  
  • Be our Savior in all things.