Hello everyone, I just wanted to get back in communication with y ‘all.   I need to tell you how much I appreciate each one of you. When the Covid hit  in March, it changed everything for TIME in 2020.  Because of Covid we  had to make changes. In April, we began praying, planning and preparing for  the immediate future of TIME. We developed a plan that would help TIME  financially make it through 2020 and keep the doors open and utilities on.

In April, our team put together a blueprint to raise funds through the  “Moving Forward Together” campaign during Founders Days, June 1-4. Then after  Founders Days we had been praying about how to help those in need in the  Dominican Republic and Mexico who are being devastated by the Covid. God  inspired TIME to help with food and other needed resources. The Team gave  this event a great name, “TIME TO EAT”

The success of both fundraisers is phenomenal. We met the need for the home  office with “Moving Forward Together”, all because of you. Some of you are  new to giving to TIME, some of you have been committed supporters for years  and years, and gave more of your resources to TIME, WOW!  Because of  your open hearts, willingness to give and your genuine love for Jesus,  “MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER” was a success.

TIME continues to have needs; we help feed people.  The need for basic  foods in the Mexico and the DR is tremendous. Through your generosity and  your relationship with Jesus, God has afforded us to serve 5000 meals in June  and we expect an additional 5000 in July. Seventy-seven of your dollars feeds  a family of 6 for one week.  We have cost of about 58 cents per meal per  person.

On behalf of all the staff, the missionaries and all of those who continue to  take trips with TIME, thank you for helping us stay open and keep Zeral and  Dorretta Brown’s vision for Short-Term-Mission alive.
Now you ask, what  about 2021! Glad you asked.
We here at TIME are already booking tours for next year. Your participation  in Short-Term Mission done through the ministry of TIME, will do more to keep  time moving forward than anything else that you can do. Your support of our  missionaries and projects for the local church in Mexico, Haiti, Dominican  Republic and Cuba pleases God.

Here are some of the ways that God is providing, so richly for TIME .

  • A student from Hope College, after we had refunded her money, gave back her fee to go towards the general budget. What a blessing.
  • Some of you who had paid for your chapels and your tour fee’s and allowed us to keep the money, another huge blessing.
  • Some church groups just let us hold their money till next year, that's great partnering.
  • A lot of you just increased your giving towards the general budget and kept up your support for the missionaries, that was awesome.
  • One man donated his Trump bucks and others followed.
  • Churches were so generous. One church is coming around Christmas who as scheduled in March.
  • Church in Lawson MO, has given donations to both the MFT and TTE fundraisers.

So, to sum it all  up, God has been incredibly good to us. Me personally, I needed to go off  payroll for TIME Ministries and God is richly blessed my wife's business.  With just a few phone calls, customers that I was familiar with years ago  supplied my family with the income we needed to replace monies that I was  collecting from TIME. Our God is good.
So, I leave you with  these challenges.

  1. Please continue to come and take tours to Mexico, Haiti, Cuba in the Dominican Republic. The local churches in these countries need you badly. Your participation connects you to a local church and furthers the Acts 2 attitude of ‘having all things in common”. 
  3. Continue to support of our missionaries, our projects and “TIME TO EAT” feeding program. 
  5. Keep considering donations to the general budget, this is the best way to allow tour fees to be less expensive and to keep project costs steady.


On behalf of the board, staff and all the missionaries, we love you and we  thank you for helping and being so generous to TIME. We hope that God will  bless you as you read this, and that God will continue to take care of you  and your family during these difficult times. 
Remember, ALL MISSIONS IS LOCAL, and TIME Ministries works with the local  churches here in the States and aboard to help fulfill the Great Commission,  which is, the love of Jesus announced to the world.
Thank you, God bless.

PS There are so many stories how God has blessed TIME. Your prayers have been  so instrumental in these stories.  THANKS!