Around 40 ladies visited the “Woman, Practice Your Faith” conference each day the first week of November. They learned, prayed, fellowshipped with new sisters and studied the Word in intimacy with God!  Ladies from different parts of our country and foreigners from Cuba and the USA gathered in unity at the feet of Christ, searching how to become more effective for His Kingdom.


Fellowship and building bonds with our sisters in Christ.                                        

This week we initiated a new project by visiting 5 wives of pastors and one leader.  Days before the beginning of the conference, we met to pray with them since our ministry has as one of its purposes to help them so they may find restoration in their private lives and to equip them with a strong foundation in God’s Word and prayer.  At the same time we attend to their physical and spiritual needs both in their lives and in the churches where they serve alongside their husbands.

The Mission and Vision of Woman, Practice Your Faith


We are a Christian Ministry of Faith, committed to God, restoring and equipping wives of pastors and leaders, with prayer, sharing the Word of God, attending to their physical and spiritual needs in the churches


Ministry that inspire communion around the world, as an example of Christ, by bringing the Good News with the action of love.

  Thanks to God we were able to accomplish that goal by visiting the sisters with different schedules; and in different places.  The relation which unified us was very impactful.  Furthermore, it is an opportunity to help equip and help to restore them in Christ. By means of this activity, they could obtain new things and revitalize their lives in Christ.

Foot Washing

Come to me and you will find rest.

Among the many blessings which we experienced together in three days, I wish to mention this specific one because it has much value for us.  During the first two days of the conference we succeeded in creating a section of groups with different themes.  Among these themes were: Physical Wear and Tear in Ministry; Depression; Four steps in the Prayer of Moms in Touch; Internal Healing and Conflicts in our Daily Lives. These themes have brought our souls much liberty to enable us to advance in the ministry. It’s one of the battles which we human beings face each day in our ministries and areas of work.

Various ladies with whom we spoke had experienced heavy spiritual burdens.  Some of the prayer requests dealt with their environment and physical conditions.  And even the burdens of others which we should not need to carry, but rather make them matters of prayer as the Father has instructed us.  Yes, of course we are called to assist one another, but we should do it without wearing us out or frustrating us.

One woman shared: Thank you so much for touching that theme because I’ve spent many years carrying burdens which I have not been able to resolve.  And we explained to her in the light of His Word that only Jesus can lighten our burdens.  Our Lord Jesus does not take everything away.  But He does lighten our load because His yoke is easy and light according to Matt. 11:28-30.  After hearing our explanations, the ladies felt a relief and expressed their gratitude with tears in their eyes.  This is the reason for this verse.

   (“Come to Me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  All of you, take up My yoke and learn from Me, because I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for yourselves. For My yoke is easy and My burden is light.”) This yoke is lined with love. So powerful is the help that it provides us, the exhortations are so adequate and the consolations are so strong that they are found on the road of duty.  Thus, we can truly say, it is a grateful yoke.  The road of duty is the road of “rest”.  The truths which Christ teaches us are such that we can risk our souls for them.  Such is the mercy of the Redeemer. And why should the sinner laboriously and burdened search for rest in any other place? We go to Him daily in search of liberation of anger, guilt, sin, Satan, of all our worries, fears and pains.  But the forced obedience, far from being easy and light, is a heavy burden.  In vain we approach Jesus with our lips while our heart if far from Him.  Then, come to Jesus in order to find rest for your souls.

Without doubt to follow Christ involves having to bear a cross.  Undoubtedly, there are trials to endure and battles to fight.  But the benefits of the Gospel compensate for the work of the Cross. Compared to the yoke which we live today and the Jewish ceremonies, or the slavery of human superstition, our service to Jesus, in its highest sense, is easy and light.  His yoke is no heavier than the feathers for a bird. His commandments are not burdensome, and all His paths are peace.  I John 5:3; Proverbs 3:17.

Now let’s ask ourselves:  Have we accepted that invitation for ourselves?  Don’t we have sins that need to be forgiven, pains that need to be eliminated, a wounded conscience that needs to be healed?  Let’s listen to the voice of God: “Come to Me” and you will find rest for your souls. Matthew 11:29


In our conference we saw many healed souls upon listening to the speakers and testimonies.  The beautiful combination and the connections in many of them.  There was a guest from the Foundation Resplandece whom I asked to pray that God would give her a topic that would touch our hearts.  The theme of our conference was “Advance” and God did some marvelous things through her.  Many sisters are delighted with the strategic plan which we have to help women who are burned out physically and emotionally in their areas of work and ministries.  The foundation works with women who have experienced pain as missionaries. And many could see the hand of God working in their own lives.

Another thing which impacted the lives of the ladies who attended was when they entered the TIME Center and saw the elegance of all the details in the decorations and how God provided everything we needed.  The food was marvelous as God proves each year.


Finally, we had time for prayer each morning so that God would cover each one and that the visiting ladies would be filled with His power.  And that’s what occurred!  God was with us just like Joshua explained in Joshua 6:27.   Jehovah was with Joshua and His name was spread throughout the earth.

God is doing marvelous things among us.  The name of Mujer, Practica Tu Fe is spreading because He is fighting our battles. No one can defeat this ministry because God is working in an extraordinary manner.  God has chosen us ordinary women to transform us into extraordinary women who will carry His glory throughout all of the Dominican Republic, Cuba, the USA and other countries. I thank God for each person who prayed that this ministry would become a reality, many thanks! And that our Sovereign God would fill you with rich blessings!!!

Anyoly Figueroa is a long time National missionary with TIME Ministries who has a heart for her sisters in Christ.